Tibidabo is one of the most popular amusement parks in Barcelona. Here, you can feel the magic of its century-old history. While looking at the city below, you can enjoy its new and classic rides, and attractions. So get your camera ready and experience an amazing day out! So don’t be late and book Tibidabo Amusement Park Tickets now.

Below are a few essential information and highlights that’ll help you with your park tour. Check them out…

Ticket Cost:

  • General entrance ticket – 28.50 Euro
  • Children’s entrance ticket who are under 1.2m in height – 10.30 Euro
  • Children’s entrance ticket who are under 90cm in height – 0.00 Euro
  • Senior citizen entrance ticket who are aged over 60 – 9.00 Euro
  • Entrance ticket for people with functional diversity – 5.60 Euro

What are the advantages of taking this tour?

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  • Standing on Mount Tibidabo, the highest point on the Collserola Ridge, and considered as the natural green “lung” of Barcelona, the Tibidabo Amusement Park is an amazing theme park. You’ll enjoy exceptional views of the city due to its prime position throughout your visit.
  • Tibidabo is one of the first of its kind to be ever built in the world, the oldest amusement park of Spain, and the second oldest in Europe. Its attractions and rides have been extended and renewed along with its amenities since it opened in 1901. This includes panoramic restaurants, cafés, lively entertainments, and play areas which you’ll find among other attractions.

Some other key points…

  • When you’ll come to the Tibidabo Amusement Park, you can enjoy its iconic attractions along with its most recent additions. This park offers over 25 rides and attractions for all ages. This includes the new roller coaster, the Plane, the Plaza of Dreams or Plaça dels Somnis, the Sky Walk, the gold mine, the Miramirall shall of mirrors, the Giradabo, and of course, the large Ferris wheel which is 20 metres in diameter and 500m in height, which has already become a part of the new Barcelona skyline. 

What does the booking include?

  • This tour includes admission to every attraction and entertainment site.

Some important details perhaps?

  • The Sky Walk, which is the site of the belvederes having the Park’s landmark rides and attractions, opens at 11 am.
  • All the remaining attractions are known to open at 12 noon.
  • The park closes at 11 pm on Saturdays during July, and from Monday to Sunday during August.
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Plaça del Tibidabo, 3-4.

How should I reach there?

  • You need to take the Tibibús T2A from 10.15 am on days when the Amusement Park is open. The stop for it is located on the Rambla Catalunya and the corner of Plaça de Catalunya.
  • From Vall d’Hebrón, take the Tibibús T2B. The stop for the next Metro L3 is Vall d’Hebrón.
  • Take the FGC, Funicular del Tibidabo, or Tranvia Blau (closed from February 2018).
  • Take the bus 196, or FGC, or Funicular del Tibidabo.

Some essential Information…

  • The ticket is valid until 3 months from the date of purchase.
  • Provide proof of age at the ticket office when purchasing a reduced ticket.
  • Note that prices vary according to the height of a person. Admission is free for someone under 90cm.
  • There is a gondola adapted for visitors at Giradabo.
  • There are tickets for people with a disability that can only be acquired at the Customer Services Desk found at the main entrance of the park (at plaça Tibidabo, 3-4). You can get this ticket by presenting the corresponding accreditation. The ticket is given in case of a minimum 33% degree of disability.
  • The 5% discount is not applicable to the reduced ticket.

And that is all the information that you need for a sound and happy trip at the amusement park. Enjoy the thrill of the rides and the beauty of the attractions here fellas!

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